the steward board of bethel a.m.e. church

The Steward Board is responsible for the Spiritual formation of the body of Christ. Ensuring the spiritual church is always moving, dwelling, and being on one accord with the principles of Christ and in unison with the Holy Spirit. We are an extension of the Pastor and are to assist in fostering spiritual maturity, providing prayer, and empowerment to the members of the body of Christ. We are responsible for the financial health of the physical church and ensuring that the finances are parallel to the church’s growth. In addition, we are responsible to ensure that the needs of the Pastor and his family are being met as governed and outlined by the AME church and discipline.

The Steward Board is to operate in a way that meets thew needs of the congregation, the physical building, connectional obligations, assessments, and meeting the needs of the surrounding community at large. We are to assist the ministerial staff in carrying out the vision of the Great Commission thus fostering partnerships with State, local government, and grassroots organization to ensure the necessary appropriation of services to the poor, needy, and disenfranchised. Lastly, we are to always exemplify the attitude of servitude, walking worthy of the calling, and always being mindful and task oriented of the goal of kingdom building.