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The Church School also known as Sunday School convenes weekly on Sunday mornings. Church School provides congregants with an opportunity to study the Bible and often includes comprehensive studies of the Bible. The Church School teaching aims at instilling in the minds of the students (youth and adults), faith in God and teaching them the principles, which Christ adhered to. The education imparted is generally intended to promote Christian fellowship and to evangelize, thereby promoting the spread of Christianity
Church School classes are offered for each age-level, 5 years through twelfth grade. At the core of our program are dedicated volunteers and a variety of reformed curriculum resources. Church School activities are biblically based and provide opportunities for our children and youth to creatively “wonder” about God’s story and to explore ways to share God’s love as they continue to grow in faith. 
Our Adult Education Ministry provides a variety of topics and teaching/learning styles through classes designed to meet the needs of adults who continue to study and seek to grow a faith relevant to their daily living. We have two types of classes:
Short-term Courses: These are courses, which last four to eight weeks. They are designed to meet the needs of adults who are not part of a permanent class and to address particular needs and topics on a short-term basis.

Permanent/Ongoing Classes: These classes meet together regularly throughout the year and have a permanent class roll. (Please know additions can be made at any time.) Some of these classes use study materials produced by the Presbyterian Church, and some classes choose books or topics, which change periodically throughout the year. All of the classes strive for elements of study, community, and fellowship. All are invited to visit these classes at any time without obligation to join.

All adults are invited to move in and out of the short-term courses and ongoing classes in a flexible way to meet individual needs.